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The Connecticut Fire Photographers Association (CFPA) have three types of membership opportunities.

Full Time - Full time membership is the best way to go for fire photographers across the United States and across the world. Full time members are able to attend meetings, bring new ideas to the club and vote on topics. Full time members will also be issued official CFPA ID's. Members also get their photos published on all platforms of the CFPA social media as well access to post their own photos on the CFPA website. This helps generate more views on your photos and link viewers to members own website! Full time members also can be nominated for CFPA Fire Buff of the quarter and IFBA Fire Buff of the Year awards. A full time membership is only $25 a year!

Associate - Associate membership has all the perks above listed except associate members do not get to vote on topics at meetings and associate members are not issued CFPA ID's. Associate memberships are not available for members living in Connecticut. Associate memberships are $15 a year!

Junior - Junior membership is for members 18 years or under. Juniors get all of the same privileges as associate members but at $10 a year!

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